There are different methods or rules of betting depending on the games, players and the dealer. There might be limits to them and then there may be unlimited betting. You can decide the manner of betting (blind/ ante/call and raise etc) or it may be the call of the dealer. The betting rules completely depends on who is conducting the game and how. The betting in poker gaming is based on money basis completely. Give your bets on live poker games in Delhi NCR.

Join live poker schedules in Delhi. Get the latest poker schedule here on this website. Poker means simply the set of card games played for money and fun. It is usually played in groups and sometimes alone too. This is lovely and so easy to fall in love with this amazing game where you have fun and you win money too in this poker room. However there are different manners in which this game is played and there is no particular version of it. Of course the betting procedures with every game differ too. There are dozens of the kinds of games being played as poker. In other words if you are familiar with the terms like “straight flush” or “four of a kind” then you are one of the luckiest, coolest and most fun people on this planet. Enjoy poker here on play poker guru and enjoy your time with this amazing game. Get on with awesome poker nights

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It would not at all be exaggerating to say that teen patti on Diwali is the most popular card game in the country. This is no news to the poker players of New Delhi either as they had been playing poker in New Delhi since long. It is also called flush or flash in some parts of the Earth but the most prevalent name is teen patti. The thrill and excitement combined with the mathematical skills of guessing the opponent’s weaknesses and cards gives the thrill of being on a roller coaster ride. So join the live poker game on India’s best poker game website and start playing.
Variations in teen patti:

There are a number of games to be played with little variations under teen patti, some of them are given below.

  1. Deuce-to-five high: in this format the combination of the cards 2, 3 & 5 has got the highest value, even more than the Ace-King-Queen combination.
  2. Black jack: face cards carry 10 points, aces carry either 1 or 11, and thus the player has to make a total of 21 or closer to that, taking care that it doesn’t go beyond the dealer’s total.
  3. Best of four: in this kind of game every player is dealt with 4 cards and the best 3 among them are considered for totaling.
  4. Lowball/muflis: in this game the ranking of the cards are reversed. Otherwise played in the same manner as other teen patti games.
  5. Joker card draw: a card is draw after dealing the other cards by the dealer and cards of the same rank are declared as joker or wild card.
  6. Low wild: every player’s lowest rank card is his/her joker or wild card.
  7. Two lowest wild: players are dealt with 4 cards each and the 2 lowest cards are joker, if the 2 lowest cards are a pair then the player has only one joker and if 2 middle cards are pair then that player has got no wild card or joker card.
  8. Bust card: the dealer will draw a random card after dealing and the cards having the same rank as the card drawn would be the bust cards, it means the game is over for that player, if he has got them.
  9. Stud: it is the game where certain number of cards are dealt faced up and others are dealt face down and the game proceeds accordingly, however even this variation has its sub variations where in one 2 cards are dealt face down and one face up and another where 3 cards are dealt face up and 2 face down.
  10. Community: here initially cards are dealt face down first and then community, face up of which each card is to be used by at least one player.
  11. Draw: here the player is given a complete deal and then allowed a chance before (or after) betting that they can change their cards however depending on the rules of the games, the player may have to buy the cards given up to a maximum of 3 chances.
  12. Kiss miss bliss: here there are different types of combinations categorized as kiss/miss/bliss. Every player is dealt with 5 cards each and they have to make a combination of either kiss-miss or miss-bliss or kiss-bliss (one type of combination can’t be repeated like kiss-kiss is not allowed). kiss- A2, JQ, 89, 23, 34, 45, 56, 67, 78, and so on. Miss- A3, JK, 9J, 35, and so on. Bliss- it is the pair of same kind of cards like- 22, 33, AA, KK and so on.
  13. Cobra: this is played with a single card and contrary to other games here the players are not allowed to see their own cards, and bet them.
  14. Blind king or blind jack: this is like other joker/wild card games and in this variation, the face cards of king and jack which show only side profile (one eyed King/jack) are considered to be joker and the game continues in the similar manner.

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